About Joshua Campbell

Notice of award for "Feasibility and Planning Studies for Development of Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs) to Investigate Cancer Health Disparities (P20)"


This P20 award is led by Dr. Timothy Rebbeck (DFCI) and entitled "Precision Interception of Aggressive Prostate Cancer in African American Men". Joshua Campbell is a co-investigator along with Drs. Franklin Huang (UCSF) and Gretchen Gignac (BMC) on one of three subprojects within the P20 with the goal of understanding the genomic alterations associated with resistance to androgen therapy. 

BUMC - American Cancer Society Pilot Award


The national chapter of the American Cancer Society (ACS) has awarded Boston University – Boston Medical Center Cancer Center an Institutional Research Grant to encourage new investigators to complete cancer-related research by providing pilot funds. Joshua Campbell along with co-investigator Elizabeth Duffy received one of three ACS pilot awards. Their project, entitled "Histological and Genomic Characterization of Premalignancy in Prostate Cancer from Men with African Ancestry", will focus on molecular characterization of premalignant lesions of prostate cancer in African American men. This project hopes to elucidate biological underpinnings of why African American men have a higher incidence and mortality from prostate cancer compared to other populations. For more information, see:


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